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How is the correct size determined for the CSI C-Spine Immobilizer?

To determine the correct size CSI C-Spine Immobilizer, be sure the user's head is in a neutral position and measure the vertical distance from the tip of the chin to the top of the shoulder.

What are the instructions for care for the CSI C-Spine Immobilizer?

Follow these guidelines to clean the CSI C-Spine Immobilizer: Remove the three liners secured to the plastic shell using Velcro attachment. Hand-wash the liners with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Allow to air dry (6-8 hours). The plastic shell can be cleaned with mild soap and water if needed. Towel dry thoroughly. Do not place plastic shells near heat or flame. Re-apply the back liner by folding the liner in half vertically and placing it in the center of the shell. Flatten out and press into the shell to secure. The widest part of the liner should be at the bottom edge and extend past the edge at least 3/8” all the way around. Re-apply the lower front in the same manner as explained in step 5. Re-apply the chin pad to the chin portion in the same manner as above. Proper hygiene ensures that the liners are kept clean and dry. The liners should be changed and cleaned as needed. Do not use a washing machine dryer, bleach, or harsh chemicals when cleaning liners, straps, or shells.

How many liners come with the CSI C-Spine Immobilizer?

The CSI C-Spine Immobilizer comes with three liners, chin, lower front, and back portion.

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