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How should Techform Premium be stored?

Techform Premium should be stored at room temperature. Higher temperatures can cause a reduced shelf life and cause the product to become tacky. Do not puncture or tear the packaging to prevent premature hardening.

Can Techform Premium be cleaned?

Do not get the Techform Premium cast wet. If it becomes necessary to clean, use a damp cloth. If the cast gets wet, use a blow dryer to dry the undercast materials.

Is the Techform Premium flammable?

Uncured polyurethane tape will burn over an open flame. Finished casts using Techform cast tape will not support combustion under normal conditions as defined by the NFPA Standard #702-1975 and the Flammable Fabrics Act.

How should casts made from Techform Premium be removed?

Use a standard cast saw to remove casts made from Techform Premium. Care should be taken to avoid bony prominences and excessive heat build-up from the cast saw blades. Avoid exposed edges of the cast to prevent scratches.

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