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What are the benefits of Delta-lite Plus from BSN?

The benefits of BSN Plus from BSN over other casting products are many. Tack-free resin - Use an exam glove of your choice. Improves unrolling tension, improving ease of cast application. Rigid finished cast - Creates long-lasting, lightweight cast. Smooth Surface - Less Abrasive finished cast enhances patient comfort while it reduces clothing snags. Good conformability - Makes casting application easier with the change of anatomy. Outstanding molding - Produces an anatomically correct cast. Excellent lamination - Creates a strong bond between layers, ensuring a strong finished cast.

Does Delta-Lite Plus from BSN have tack-free resin?

Delta-Lite Plus from BSN has tack-free resin. Use the exam gloves of your choice and experience improved unrolling tension and east of cast application.

Does Delta-Lite Plus from BSN provide a smooth surface?

Delta-Lite Plus from BSN provides a less abrasive cast that is lightweight and improves conformability.

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