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What is the difference between the THERABAND Stability Ball - Standard and the THERABAND  Stability Ball - Pro Series?

THERABAND  Pro Series Exercise Balls are made of thicker PVC material that is slow deflating and thicker than most stability balls. The higher quality material is better for rigorous activity or more frequent use.

Do THERABAND Pro Series SCP Exercise Balls contain latex?

THERABAND Exercise Balls are made of PVC polymer and do not contain latex.

Do the THERABAND PRO Series SCP Exercise Balls contain phthalates?

THERABAND PRO Series SCP Exercise Balls contain phthalates.

How is air added to the THERABAND  PRO Series SCP Exercise Balls?

The small "fork" in the THERABAND PRO Series SCP Exercise Balls accessory package is used to remove the stopper in the ball and release the air. Use a high-volume pump to add air and replace the stopper immediately. Adapters for standard air compressors you would find at a service station are included in the package.

Where are THERABAND Exercise Balls made?

THERABAND Exercise Balls are manufactured in China.

Do THERABAND   Exercise Balls contain BPA's?

THERABAND Exercise Balls do not contain BPA's. They are from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Can the THERABAND Exercise Ball be patched?

The THERABAND® Exercise Ball cannot be patched. It is used as an exercise product, and if it is improperly patched, it could burst. THERABAND® Exercise Balls are manufactured with PVC, and patch kits are not available

What is the life expectancy of a THERABAND  Exercise Ball?

We cannot suggest a specific shelf life for THERABAND Exercise Ball as each person/facility uses their Exercise Balls at a different frequency. We recommend that you carefully inspect the exterior of the ball for possible damage (abrasion, scuffing, roundness, air leakage) before each use. Should any damage be evident, discontinue use and replace it with a new ball. When not in use, store THERABAND Exercise Balls in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not store near a painted wall or varnished surface.

How is the appropriate size THERABAND  Exercise Ball chosen?

Please refer to the following to choose the appropriate THERABAND Exercise Ball: 4’7” – 5” 45 cm Yellow ProSeries Ball, 5’1” – 5’6” 55 cm Red ProSeries Ball, 5’7” – 6’1” 65 cm Green ProSeries Ball, 6’2” – 6’8” 74 cm Blue ProSeries Ball, 6’9” + 85 cm Silver ProSeries Ball.

Can THERABAND  Exercise Balls be used as an office chair?

THERABAND Exercise Balls are designed for therapeutic and exercise applications. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to either support or contraindicate the use of exercise balls as an office chair. However, there is anecdotal evidence of its efficacy with school children. Some evidence suggests frequent breaks from sitting on the ball, as would be standard with any prolonged sitting activity. The risks of using an exercise ball as a replacement for a chair or desk should be the same as those posed with regular use of the ball, and users are cautioned to follow the appropriate safety warnings included with each ball.

What material is used to make the THERABAND PRO Series SCP Exercise Ball?

THERABAND PRO Series SCP Exercise Balls are made of PVC polymer. The Exercise Balls do not contain latex.

How is the THERABAND Exercise Ball cleaned?

Use mild soap and warm water to clean a THERABAND Exercise Ball. Do not use anything abrasive or any chemical cleaners.

Can a person lift weights while using a THERABAND Exercise Ball?

Using free weights with a THERABAND Exercise Ball can be potentially dangerous. It is not recommended to use the Exercise Ball in conjunction with free weights. Research has not shown any additional benefit to strength training of the extremities while using an Exercise Ball.

Can better traction be achieved while using the THERABAND Exercise Ball?

The THERABAND Exercise Ball has ridges on its surface to provide traction. For improved traction, use the THERABAND Exercise Mat.

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