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Can the SAM Splint be cut with household scissors?

The SAM Splint can be cut with standard household scissors. The product is exceptionally moldable and soft.

Is the SAM Splint waterproof?

The SAM Splint is waterproof.

Is the SAM Splint fireproof?

The SAM Splint is not fireproof.

How is the SAM Splint cleaned?

To clean the SAM Splint, use an antiseptic soap and water. A protocol cleaning solution can also be used. The manufacturer suggests a 1:9 mixture of bleach and water.

Is a stockinette recommended while using SAM Splint?

Something absorbent should be worn with the SAM Splint. A cotton cloth, cast padding, or stockinette will help to prevent skin maceration and odor.

Is the SAM Splint sterile?

The SAM Splint is not sterile. Wash thoroughly with disinfectant before repacking or reusing.

How is the SAM Splint secured into place?

The SAM Splint is secured into place with wrap or tape. No additional tools or equipment is required.

Will the SAM Splint puncture?

SAM Splint is designed not to puncture.

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