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What are the cleaning instructions for the DeRoyal Air Ankle Stirrup?

The DeRoyal Air Ankle Stirrup is easily cleaned by wiping the ankle brace with a damp cloth and allowing it to air dry.

How is the DeRoyal Air Stirrup inflated?

The DeRoyal Air Stirrup is inflated with the simple adjustment of the inflation bulb. To deflate, firmly insert the black end of the inflation bulb into the valve and deflate the bladder by squeezing the bulb.

Does the DeRoyal Air Stirrup have a low profile?

The DeRoyal Air Stirrup has a low profile and will easily fit in the shoe.

Can the straps be applied in opposite directions on the DeRoyal Air Stirrup?

The DeRoyal Air Stirrup is designed to allow for even compression with the swivel straps are applied in the opposite direction.

Is the DeRoyal Air Stirrup for single patient use?

The DeRoyal Air Stirrup is for single patient use only, under a doctors' direction.

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