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What is the best way to remove the 3M Microfoam Elastic Foam Tape?

Proper tape removal is critical in reducing the occurrence of traumatic skin injuries such as skin stripping. First, loosen the edges of the tape. You may “start” an edge of the tape by pressing a small piece of tape onto the corner, like a pop tab, and lifting – pressure-sensitive adhesive. Stabilize the skin with one finger. Remove the tape “low and slow” in the direction of hair growth. Keep the tape close to the skin surface and pulled back over itself. Removing tape at an angle will increase tension on the epidermis and increase the risk of mechanical trauma. As the tape is removed, continue to support the newly exposed skin. Support close to the “peel edge” is essential for thin or easily distensible skin. You may consider using a medical-grade adhesive remover or moisturizer to soften the adhesive for tape firmly adhered to skin or hair.3M tape adhesives are not readily dissolved in alcohol.

Why is there an expiration date for the 3M Microfoam Elastic Foam Tape? What happens when the tape "expires"?

Although an expiration date is not required for surgical tapes in the U.S., an expiration date is required by several other countries. You might think of it as the “best quality if used by....”. In general, we do not expect changes in performance shortly after the expiration date, but 3M ensures performance within that time frame. The recommended shelf life for Microfoam tape rolls is five years under normal storage conditions.

Is 3M Microfoam Elastic Foam Tape Sterile? Can it be sterilized?

Microfoam tape may be sterilized in a single layer by ethylene oxide but NOT by steam (autoclave). Although 3M provides these guidelines, it is up to the facility to ensure sterility.

Is 3M Microfoam Elastic Foam Tape the same as an "elastic" tape?

Microfoam tape does not contain elastic. Microfoam tape has the advantages of all directional stretch (across, bias/diagonal, and length-wise) rather than the two-dimensional stretch (diagonal and length-wise) of elastic tapes, and Microfoam tape is natural rubber latex-free.

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