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What is the benefit of the 3-dimensional lining on the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap?

The inner layer is designed to wick away moisture. The middle layer increases skin temperature for heat therapy, while the outer layer provides light compression. The 3-dimensional lining on the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap provides insulation and moisture-wicking via air circulation, allowing the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfortable during wear.

How is the correct size chosen for the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap?

To select the correct size of the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap, measure evenly around the wrist joint. The S/M measures 5-1/2"x7-1/2" (14-19 cm), while the L/XL measures 7-3/4"x 10" (20-25 cm). The Velcro closures offer an adjustable fit.

Is the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap a universal fit?

The Thermoskin Wrist Wrap has a universal fit. It can be worn on either wrist.

Can lotions or ointments be worn with the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap?

Do not wear the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap while using ointments, liniments, or oils. This will reduce the life of the wrap by breaking down the material.

Is the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap worn against the skin?

Thermoskin Wrist Wraps are worn against the skin.

Does the Thermoskin Wrist Wrap contain latex?

The Thermoskin Wrist Wrap supports are manufactured with three materials; nylon, non-porous rubberized material, and synthetic fiber. None of these contain latex.

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