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Can the user wear ointment or oil under the Rolyan Lateral J Support?

Do not apply oil or ointment to the area under the Rolyan Lateral J Support.

What are the care and cleaning instructions for the Rolyan Lateral J Support?

To clean the Rolyan Lateral J Support, start with fastening the closures. Hand-wash the fabric with mild soap in cold water. Rinse completely. Allow the support to air dry at room temperature. Be sure the brace is thoroughly dry before replacing the hinges and re-applying the brace. Do not dry clean or expose to heat for extended periods.

Does the Rolyan Lateral J Support contain neoprene?

The Rolyan Lateral J Support does contain neoprene and should not be worn by people with an allergic reaction to neoprene or who have the tendency to develop dermatitis.

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