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What are the care and cleaning instructions for the Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Splint?

The Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Splint can be cleaned with lukewarm water using a mild soap. The straps can be washed the same way, but the adhesive portion should not be moistened. Allow the splint and the straps to dry thoroughly before re-applying. The splint will lose its shape in temperatures over 135°. Keep it away from heat sources such as open flames, sunny windows, ovens, and hot water.

Can The Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Splint be heated to adjust using a heat gun?

The Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Splint can be modified for a better fit. Heat the area to be modified using a heat gun or water that is heated to 150° to 160°F (65°–70°C) until pliable. Heating the entire splint may cause it to lose its preformed shape. Polyform has a high degree of drape—for best results when modifying the material, shape it with stroking movements.

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