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Can the inflation level of the THERABAND Balance and Stability Trainer be adjusted?

The THERABAND Balance and Stability Trainers come pre-inflated, but the amount of air can be adjusted if desired.

Does THERABAND Balance and Stability Trainer contain latex?

The THERABAND Balance and Stability Trainers do not contain latex.

What is the weight capacity of THERABAND Stability Trainer Devices?

 THERABAND Stability Trainer devices have been weight-limit tested to 300 pounds.

How can the user progress the challenge of the THERABAND Stability Trainer?

To make exercises more challenging on the THERABAND Stability Trainer, progress to standing on one leg, moving arms or legs, or closing the eyes. The user can also progress the stability trainer colors: green, then blue, then black for more instability. Always have a sturdy object nearby to hold on to if necessary.

Should shoes be worn while using the THERABAND Stability Trainer?

In general, it is best to perform balance training on the THERABAND Stability Trainer without shoes. This helps increase the amount of sensory information entering the foot to help you balance. If it feels safer for the user to wear shoes, that is okay. Use flat-soled shoes; do not use cleats, spikes, or shoes with heels.

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