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What is the proper way to clean the Miami J and Miami Jr. Collars?

The instructions for cleaning the Miami J and Miami Jr. Collars are as follows: 1) Peel the soiled, blue pads off. Look carefully at the shape as you remove them so that you can reposition the clean pads properly. The pads attach with hook-and-loop. 2) Wash the pads with mild facial soap and water. DO NOT use bleach or harsh detergents. Thoroughly rinse the pads with clean water. Wring out the excess water and squeeze in a towel. Lay the pads out flat to air dry. It should take less than 60 minutes for them to dry. 3) Wipe the white plastic collar shell clean with mild soap and water. 4) Attach the replacement pads. Fold the pads in half with the dull side out next to the hook-and-loop (the shiny side goes against the skin); then center the pad in the white shell.

What kind of padding is used in the Miami J and Miami Jr. Collars?

Sorbatex padding is used in the Miami J and Miami Jr. Neck Collar. This padding is anti-bacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure patient compliance.

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