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Do Bauerfeind MalleoTrain supports contain latex?

MalleoTrain supports by Bauerfeind contains a latex core surrounded by a double-lay microfiber.

Can MalleoTrain Supports from Bauerfeind be worn while wearing shoes?

MalleoTrain Supports by Bauerfeind can be worn with or without shoes.

Can socks be worn with the MalleoTrain Supports from Bauerfeind?

Thick socks should not be worn with MalleoTrain Supports from Bauerfeind. It is okay to wear hosiery and stockings. MalleoTrain should be worn against the skin for the maximum massage and compression effect. A sock can be worn over the support.

Does the MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind stabilize the ankle?

MalleoTrain's primary function is to provide compression and massage to decrease pain and swelling. The knit also promotes proprioception, so in that respect, it increases natural stabilization.

Can the MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind be worn during the day when inactive?

The MalleoTrain Supports from Bauerfeind can be worn when inactive. The support will provide compression to help increase circulation, which decreases pain and swelling.

Can the MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind be worn while sleeping?

It is not recommended to wear Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Supports while sleeping. MalleoTrain Supports provide compression to counter gravity which is not necessary while laying down.

Can the MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind be placed in the freezer and used as a cold pack?

The MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind is not designed as a cold pack; however, it will remain cold briefly.

Can the MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind be heated?

High temperatures reduce MalleoTrain Supports' life; therefore. It is not recommended to dry the supports in the dryer or leaving them in a hot car.

What is the cleaning procedure for Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Supports?

The MalleoTrain from Bauerfeind should be regularly washed on a gentle cycle using laundry detergent with no additives. To extend the life of the support, lay flat to air dry. With proper care, the support does not shrink.

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