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What is used for padding the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters?

The Skil-Care Bed Bolsters are padded with foam for comfort.

What are the cleaning guidelines for the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters?

To clean the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters, use any standard spray cleaner with a clean, damp sponge or cloth. A mild disinfectant may be used.

Can the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters be used for turning the patient?

The Skil-Care Bed Bolsters eliminates hands-on pressure, making turning less painful, even pain-free. It is designed to be used by one caregiver to help turn and position the patient.

Can the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters be used if the patient is incontinent?

The three-layer construction of the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters pad includes a poly-cotton top that wicks urine away from the patient while the absorbent foam middle and a liquid-proof vinyl barrier on the bottom protects the bed.

Can the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters be used in place of side rails?

Do NOT use the Skil-Care Bed Bolsters in place of side rails. They are not as effective as side rails for keeping patients from rolling off or leaving the bed.

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