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What is the purpose of the Skil-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion?

The Skil-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion is designed to "lift-off" when the user in a wheelchair begins to stand up. It serves as a reminder for the user to seek assistance before leaving the chair. It can also be used as a comfortable, convenient surface where the user can place personal items or rest hands while holding reading materials. Because of its easy release design, the Lift-Off Lap Cushion should not be used as a restraint, nor should it be used to control sliding.

How is the Skil-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion kept in place?

To secure the Skil-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion, bring the Velcro straps over the armrest support bars on the left and right sides of the wheelchair. Fasten by pressing the Velcro. Important to note: The Velcro closures are intended only to keep the Lift-Off Lap Cushion in place. They will release easily when the user stands up. The cushion is not designed to be used as a restraint.

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