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Can the Hoyer Advance be used for distance moving of patients?

Do NOT use Hoyer Advance for distance for moving. The unit is designed to transfer the individual from one resting surface to another only.

What is the weight capacity of the Hoyer Advance?

The Hoyer Advance has a safe working load of 340 lbs.

Does the Hoyer Advance have an emergency stop button?

The Hoyer Advance has a red emergency stop button found on the front of the control box and is activated by pressing it inward. The action will cut all power to the lift and only be reset by twisting the button clockwise and releasing it.

What is the care and maintenance of the batteries for the Hoyer Advance?

The batteries for the Hoyer Advance should be kept fully charged. Place on the charger when not in use. The charger will not permit the batteries to overcharge. Make sure to charge throughout lengthy storage periods. Unplug the charger before connecting or disconnecting the power pack. Do not leave the power pack plugged into the charger when it is unplugged. Do not charge in a bathroom or shower room. Check that the hoist is not charging before moving as the electrical connection could be damaged.

What are the cleaning instructions for the Hoyer Advance?

To clean the Hoyer Advance, use ordinary soap and water and a hard surface disinfectant. Do not use hard chemical cleaners or abrasives as they may damage the surface of the lift. Do not allow electrical parts to get wet.

What is included in the Hoyer Advance?

The Hoyer Advance includes the Advance Patient Lift, documents, hand control (electric only), battery pack (electric only), battery charging lead (electric only), hydraulic unit (hydraulic only).

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