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Can the Gel Tubing from Silipos be trimmed to the needed size?

Silipos Gel Tubing can be trimmed to meet individual sizing needs. The tubing is also washable and reusable.

Why is the Gel Tubing from Silipos lined with mineral oil?

Gel Tubing from Silipos is fully lined with medical-grade mineral oil gel to provide all-around digital protection while absorbing shock and pressure.

Can Silipos Gel Tubing be cut to the desired size?

Silipos Gel Tubing can be trimmed to the desired size. The elastic will not unravel.

What are the cleaning instructions for Silipos Gel Tubing?

The tubing is washable and reusable. To clean Silipos Gel Tubing, hand-wash with a mild soap. Air dry product and lightly dust the tubing with talcum powder after drying.

Is Silipos Gel in the Gel tubing anti-microbial?

The Silipos Gel in the Gel Tubing is transparent, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and anti-microbial.

Is Silipos Gel Tubing latex-free?

Silipos Gel Tubing is latex-free.

How is the gel in the Silipos Gel Tubing applied to the tubing?

Silipos Gel Tubing is fully lined with mineral oil gel for all-around digital protection.

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