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Does the Skil-Care Cushion Air contain latex?

The Skil-Care Cushion Air contains latex rubber.

What are the care instructions for the Skil-Care Cushion Air cushion?

To care for the Skil-Care Cushion Air cushion, remove the cushion from the chair and hand-wash with mild soap and water or mild detergent. It can be disinfected by wiping clean with a diluted bleach solution (one-part bleach to nine parts water). Wash the product once again after disinfecting in approximately 10 minutes. Do not machine wash or dry or sterilize in an autoclave. The cover can be laundered at temperatures below 180°F. Remember to close the valve before cleaning. The cover is water-resistant. 

Is there a suggested method of storage for the Skil-Care Cushion Air?

The Skil-Care Cushion Air should not be stored where the temperature is above 95° for a prolonged period. Do not leave in a hot vehicle or direct sunlight on very hot days for a prolonged period. The cushions should be inflated during storage.

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