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Does the M-Brace Clavicle Support contain latex or neoprene?

M-Brace Clavicle Supports are neoprene, latex, chemical, and synthetic free. In addition, M-Brace products are natural and sustainable.

Is the M-Brace Clavicle Support machine washable?

The M-Brace Clavicle Support can be machine washed with lukewarm water and tumble dried at a low setting. Do not use cleaners with chlorine.

Can the M-Brace Clavicle Support be worn at night?

TheM-Brace Clavicle Support can be worn day and night comfortably.

How is the M-Brace Clavicle Support donned?

The M-Brace Clavicle Support is composed of two bands to be worn on the right and left shoulder. Don the support by crossing the bands behind the back and then lock together on the abdomen at the desired tightness.

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