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Does the M-Brace Knee Wrap contain latex or neoprene?

M-Brace Knee Wraps are neoprene, latex, chemical, and synthetic free. In addition, M-Brace products are natural and sustainable.

What materials are used to make the M-Brace Knee Wrap?

The inside of the M-Brace Knee Wrap is soft cotton velour that is breathable and does not cause skin irritation and the outside is a special nylon that permits the Velcro to grip and stay fastened.

Is the M-Brace Knee Wrap machine washable?

The M-Brace Knee Wrap can be machine washed with lukewarm water and tumble dried at a low setting. Do not use cleaners with chlorine.

Can the M-Brace Knee Wrap be worn on either knee?

TheM-Brace Knee Wrap can be worn on the left or right knee.

Is the M-Brace Knee Wrap breathable?

The M-Brace Knee Wrap is 100% breathable.

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