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Do TheraBand Hand Exercisers contain silicone?

TheraBand Hand Exercisers do not contain silicone.

What material is used to construct the TheraBand Hand Exerciser?

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser is made of a patented non-latex polymer developed specifically to allow full range of motion of the hand and fingers with consistent resistance throughout the exercise.

How is the TheraBand Hand Exerciser cleaned?

To clean the TheraBand Hand Exerciser, wash with soap, allow to air dry, and lightly dust the hand exerciser with baby powder or cornstarch to prevent stickiness.

How does the TheraBand Hand Exerciser compare to other grip exercisers?

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser allows a full range of motion with constant resistance throughout the range and returns to its natural state. It can also be heated or cooled. The Hand Exerciser may also be washed.

Does TheraBand Hand Exerciser contain latex?

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser does not contain latex.

Where is the TheraBand Hand Exerciser manufactured?

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser is manufactured in the USA.

What can be done if the TheraBand Hand Exercisers get sticky?

First, clean the TheraBand Hand Exercisers with warm water and mild soap, then apply corn starch.

How is the TheraBand Hand Exerciser prepared for cold therapy?

Place the TheraBand Hand Exerciser in the refrigerator for 1/5 to 2 hours to chill for cold therapy.

How is the TheraBand Hand Exerciser heated for warm therapy?

Heat the TheraBand Hand Exerciser in the microwave for 5-second increments to test the microwave for the ideal time. Do not exceed 15 seconds.

What is the advantage of TheraBand Hand Exercisers over putty?

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser can be heated or cooled for hot or cold therapy. Additionally, the Exercise Balls maintain their shape. When used correctly, the Hand Exerciser does not pick up dirt and can be easily cleaned.

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