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Where should Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs be stored between uses?

When the Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs are used frequently, keep them in water when not in use so they can be quickly reheated when needed. If they are constantly in use, store in the Tropic Pac Heating Unit. When used occasionally, keep the pacs whet in a sealable plastic bad to prevent odor or loss of moisture. When wrapped in plastic, Pacs should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer to prevent deterioration or drying out.

Can Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs be used on sensitive skin?

It is not recommended to use Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs on sensitive skin or users with poor circulation.

Can lotions or liniments be applied when using Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs?

Do not use liniments, lotions, or balms with Tropic Pac Moist Heat Packs.

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