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Why is the TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops considered an "All-in-One" Product?

TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops is considered an "All-in-One" because it effectively does the work of four products (resistance band, loops, tubing with handles, and anchor).

Can the TheraBand CLX be attached to an object like a weight machine or bench during use?

Make sure that the object the TheraBand CLX is attached to is strong enough to withstand the exercise. Additionally, be sure to use CLX in an area free from obstructions that could cause an entanglement, resulting in serious injury. Detach from any accessories being used before storing.

Can multiple TheraBand CLX's be used during exercise?

Using multiple TheraBand CLX of different colors can create different resistances during exercise.

Can a TheraBand CLX be used as a suspension product?

Do not use TheraBand CLX products as a suspension device or perform bodyweight training exercises that rely on the product to hold body weight suspended in the air. These are not intended uses and could result in serious injury.

How are TheraBand CLX cared for and cleaned?

Store TheraBand CLX in a box or hang it in a dark area. DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or direct heat. Detach from any accessories being used with the product before storing and only use provided storage components to store it. When using this product in chlorinated water, special care is needed to maintain the product. After use in chlorinated water, rinse the product thoroughly in tap water to remove any traces of chlorine. Allow product to air dry completely.

How far can the TheraBand CLX be stretched?

The TheraBand CLX should not be stretched more than four times its resting length (300% elongation). This includes each loop individually as well as combined. Over-elongating the CLX could result in serious injury.

What are the resistances of the TheraBand CLX?

TheraBand CLX follows the TheraBand trusted progression as follows: Yellow 3.0 lbs., Red 3.7 lbs., Green 4.6 lbs., Blue 5.8 lbs., Black 7.3 lbs, Silver 10.2 lbs, Gold 14.2 lbs.

Is protective eyewear required when using TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops?

Protective eyewear such as safety goggles or safety glasses is recommended for use while using TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops. Regular eyeglasses may not provide the protection necessary. Lack of appropriate eye protection may lead to eye damage.

Are TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops latex-free?

TheraBand CLX - Resistance Band with Loops are made with exclusive latex-free material and proprietary construction method, yielding winning results.

What is the procedure to care for TheraBand CLX?

To clean: Use mild soap and warm water to clean, then pat dry. Store the bands in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and in extreme temperatures. Detach from any accessories or anchoring points after each use. Inspect after each use. Discard the product if nicks, tears, or punctures are found. If exposed to chlorinated water (swimming pool, spa, hot tub), rinse the product thoroughly in tap water, and then allow it to air dry. If Latex bands or tubing become sticky, clean with mild soap and water, dry flat, and dust with talcum powder, baby powder, or cornstarch.

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