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How is the Bathmaster Sonaris2 powered?

The Bathmaster Sonaris2 is fully battery-powered. It is a self-contained bath seat, which requires no plumbing or electrical installation and is suitable for domestic or institutional situations.

What size tub does the Bathmaster Sonaris2 accommodate?

The Bathmaster Sonaris2 compact frame fits in virtually every size tub with excellent stability. Large side flaps and optional swivel seat allow easy transfer in and out of the tub.

What components are included with the Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift?

The components included with the Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift are white plastic lower seat section with side transfer flaps and four suction feet, white plastic backrest with motor and cable, two side flap protectors, hand controller containing battery pack with LED low-battery warning light, an audible beep, battery recharger with country-specific lead and plug and user instructions.

How much does the Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift weigh?

The Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift weighs 25 lbs.

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