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Is there latex in the 3 Point Products Finger Trapper?

The 3 Point Products Finger Trapper is latex-free. The splint is made with elastomeric foam, nylon, and Lycra.

What are the features of the 3 Point Products Finger Trapper?

The Finger Trapper from 3 Point Products used on fingers or thumb as part of a hand rehabilitation program. It puts an end to using fingernail hooks, tape, or glue. The eyelet holds traction lines securely and makes it possible to apply distraction at the MP or PIP.

Can the 3pp Finger Trapper be trimmed?

The user can trim the 3pp Finger Trapper with scissors if needed.

What are the care instructions for the 3pp Finger Trapper?

To clean the 3pp Finger Trapper, rinse or wash in cold water by hand or machine with a mild soap. Air dry completely before use, do not place in the dryer. Frequent washing will extend the life of the splint.

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