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What are the cleaning instructions for the Aircast AirSelect Short?

The foam liner of the Aircast AirSelect Short may be hand-washed in 86°F/30°C water with mild detergent. Allow to air dry thoroughly. Do not use a dryer or any other heat source to dry.

What materials are used to make the Aircast AirSelect Short?

The material components of the Aircast AirSelect Short are - Shell; polypropylene, front panel; high-density polyethylene, straps; nylon, inflation pumps; thermoplastic polyurethane, liner; nylon/polyurethane/polyester (outer/foam/inner mesh), binding; polyester, outer sole/insole, and EVA rubber.

Is it necessary to deflate the Aircast AirSelect Short when removing it?

Deflate the air cells before removing the Aircast AirSelect Short for proper fit when re-applying.

How many aircells are in the Aircast AirSelect Short designed?

The Aircast AirSelect Short is designed with a pre-inflated front panel aircell with two customizable distal aircells.

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