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How is the THERABAND color chosen when selecting Resistance Tubing?

THERABAND Resistance Tubing is color-coded to identify the level of resistance. The color tubing you use depends on the results you want to achieve with your strengthening routine. The lighter resistance levels (tan and yellow) are suitable for persons in the early stages of rehabilitation. Medium levels of resistance (red and green) are suitable for starting a strengthening program or increasing muscular endurance. Higher levels of resistance (blue, black, silver, and gold) are for more advanced exercisers needing more resistance. Consult with an exercise or healthcare professional to determine which resistance is best for you.

Is protective eyewear required when using THERABAND Professional Resistance Tubing Loop with Padded Cuffs?

Protective eyewear such as safety goggles or safety glasses is recommended for use while using THERABAND Professional Resistance Tubing Loop with Padded Cuffs. Regular eyeglasses may not provide the protection necessary. Lack of appropriate eye protection may lead to eye damage.

What is the resistance or force produced by THERABAND Bands and Tubing?

THERABAND Bands and Tubing produce similar forces between similar colors. The force produced by bands and tubing is directly related to elongation. Each color will provide a specific amount of resistance at the same percent elongation, regardless of the initial resting length. For example, a 1-foot piece stretched to 2-feet (100% elongation) will have the same force as a 2-foot piece of the same color stretched to 4-feet. The force slowly increases as the band or tube is stretched.

Can THERABAND Resistance Tubing be used in a chlorine pool?

THERABANDS Resistance Tubing will deteriorate at a quicker rate due to the chlorine. After each use in the pool, rinse the bands in tap water and hang them to dry. For extended use on land, apply a light dusting of corn starch before use.

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