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How is the FarrowWrap 4000 secured?

The FarrowWrap 4000 is made with easy-to-attach VELCRO® brand tabs that support easy donning and doffing. VELCRO® allows the user to respond better to fluctuating edema by simply tightening or loosening the wrap.

What is meant by "short stretch" on FarrowWrap 4000?

FarrowWrap 4000 is made with "short-stretch" technology that provides low resting and high working pressures to enhance lymphatic and venous return.

Is the FarrowWrap 4000 gender specific?

The FarrowWrap 4000 is a unisex product.

What are laundering directions for the FarrowWrap 4000?

It is recommended to wash FarrowWrap 4000 after each use, or at least every other use. They are machine washable and dryable. Do not use laundry additives such as fabric softener, optical brightener, or stain remover. Roll up the wet stocking in a towel after washing to press out excess moisture. Do not wring the stocking or dry on a radiator or direct sunlight.

Does the FarrowWrap 4000 have an expiry date?

The expiry date for FarrowWrap 4000 storage is printed on the package label with an hourglass symbol. A maximum storage period is up to 36 months. This is followed by a wearing period of not more than six months.

What are the storage guidelines for the FarrowWrap 4000?

Protect the FarrowWrap 4000 from direct exposure to sunlight, heat, and moisture. Store the stocking at room temperature.

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