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What are the best storage guidelines for Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces?

Store Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces away from heat sources such as ovens, hot water, open flames, and sunny car windows. The brace will lose its shape in temperature over 135° (57°C).

What are the cleaning instructions for the Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces?

The Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces can be cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water. Wash the straps with soap and lukewarm water. Be careful not to allow the adhesive portion to get wet. Allow to dry thoroughly before reapplication of the brace.

Can a stockinette be worn with the Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces?

A stockinette can be worn to cover the affected area while wearing a Rolyan Pre-Formed Braces if the user desires.

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