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Do MATRIX Steppers have personal fans?

MATRIX Steppers have personal fans to keep users cool during workouts.

What feedback is provided on the display of the MATRIX Steppers?

The display feedback on MATRIX Steppers provides time, speed, floors climbed, calories, watts, level, heart rate, and SPM.

Do MATRIX Steppers have a pause function?

MATRIX Steppers have a pause function.

What is the care and maintenance of the MATRIX Steppers?

To clean the MATRIX Steppers, use soap and water cleaners only. Avoid using solvents with alcohol and ammonia. Use a clean, 100% cotton cloth. Be sure to wipe the footpads, handles, heart rate grips, and handlebars after each use. Maintain a clean area around the equipment, free from dust and dirt. Clean the displays using distilled water in a spray bottle and using a clean cotton cloth, wipe the display clean, then dry. If the display is extra dirty, use vinegar.

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