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  • Exos Long Thumb Spica with Boa (081590090)

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What are the care instructions for the Exos Long Thumb Spica w/Boa?

The Exos Long Thumb Spica w/boa is waterproof and may be worn during bathing or swimming. After immersion, loosen the brace and thoroughly rinse out any saltwater, lake water, chlorinated pool water, and soap or shampoo. Towel dry the exterior of the brace. While the brace is loose, use a hairdryer set on a high volume and warm setting to thoroughly dry the skin under the brace and the interior of the brace. Failure to properly wash and dry Exos Braces can result in odor and possible skin issues. If exposed to heat over 130°F (55°C), the brace may begin to soften and lose its desired shape. If this occurs, it can be reheated and reformed as often as necessary. Do not expose brace to moisturizers, chemicals, or solvents as they may affect durability.

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