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Can the user wear ointment or oil while wearing the Benik W-312 Wrist Splint?

Do not use oils or ointments under the Benik Benik W-312 Wrist Splint.

What are the care instructions for the Benik W-312 Wrist Splint?

Wash the Benik W-312 Wrist Splint frequently to remove body oils and other soil. Handwash the glove in warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not wring the glove. Be sure the support is completely dry before reapplying it. Do not dry clean or expose to heat or sunlight for extended periods.

Can the Benik W-312 Wrist Splintp be worn over an open wound?

Benik W-312 Wrist Splint are not for use over open wounds and infected areas.

Does the Benik W-312 Wrist Splint contain neoprene?

Benik W-312 Wrist Splint should not be worn by people who have an allergic reaction to neoprene or tend to develop dermatitis.

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