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What are the benefits of the THERABAND Hand Xtrainer?

The THERABAND Xtrainer boasts a cross-functional, intuitive design that makes it the perfect tool for hand therapy and finger, wrist, and forearm stretching, strengthening, and function. The patented formula supports hot and cold therapy.

Do THERABAND Hand Xtrainers contain silicone?

THERABAND Hand Xtrainers do not contain silicone.

Do THERABAND Hand Xtrainers contain latex?

THERABAND Hand Xtrainers do not contain latex.

Are THERABAND Hand Xtrainers for hot and cold therapy?

THERABAND Hand Xtrainers are designed for hot and cold therapy. Hot therapy: Microwave for up to 10 seconds. Cold therapy: Refrigerate for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

What are the care instructions for THERABAND Hand Xtrainers?

To clean and care for THERABAND Hand Xtrainers, wash with soap and water between patients. If needed, the Xtrainer can be lightly dusted with cornstarch or baby powder.

Where are THERABAND Hand Xtrainers manufactured?

THERABAND Hand Xtrainers are manufactured in the USA.

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