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What size foam roller does the THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps accommodate?

The THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps will accommodate a 6" round foam roller.

How is the progressive density identified for the THERABAND Roller Wraps?

Designed to support varying degrees of tissue mobilization, the THERABAND Roller Wraps are available in four successive colors of progressive density - Yellow (X-Soft), providing extra cushion for more delicate patient populations through Blue (X-Firm) for advanced fascial mobilization. The THERABAND Roller Wraps are used in conjunction with the THERABAND Pro Foam Rollers.

Where are THERABAND  Roller Wraps manufactured?

THERABAND Roller Wraps are manufactured in Taiwan.

Do THERABAND Roller Wraps contain latex?

THERABAND Roller Wraps do not contain latex.

Why are there ridges in the THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps?

The THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps are designed with ridges for a massage-like experience.

Are THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps made with closed-cell foam?

THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps are made with closed-cell foam for extended life and to maintain product form.

Can THERABAND  Foam Roller Wraps be used as a stand-alone device?

THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps can be used with THERABAND Foam Roller Wraps or as a stand-alone device.

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