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Do the Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics fit on top of existing insoles?

Remove all insoles in the footwear before being fitted with Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics. As a general guideline, if the footwear has a full-length insole, replace it with a full-length orthotic.

How long do Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics last?

Typically, Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics will last 12 to 18 months. The activity and weight of the user will influence how long they last.

What is used to make Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics?

Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics are primarily ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a microcellular foam. The EVA has polymer additions to stabilize the material during the heat-molding process and to extend the product's life. There is also polyurethane and Rebound EVA for shock absorption. The top cover is brushed nylon.

How are Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics cleaned?

Vasyli+Prior Sports Orthotics are impregnated with an anti-bacterial/anti-microbial compound to eliminate odor. Wipe the insole with a damp cloth with a mild soap if needed. Rinse and towel dry, and then air dry completely. Do not expose the insole to an external heat source. Do not soak or machine wash.

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