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What is the care and maintenance of the THERABAND Roller Massager+?

Store the THERABAND Roller Massager+ at room temperature in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. To clean the roller massager, it is recommended to use a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly in clean tap water. Allow roller massager to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Is the THERABAND Roller Massager+ latex-free?

The THERABAND Roller Massager+ is latex-free.

Do the handles on the THERABAND Roller Massager+ lock in the lengthened position, or only in the travel position?

The THERABAND Roller Massager+ is spring-loaded to create the extension, but it does not lock into place when it is extended. It does lock into place in the travel position.

Are the ridges on the THERABAND Roller Massager+ the same as the THERABAND Foot Roller?

The ridges on the THERABAND Roller Massager+ are slightly different than the ridges on the Foot Roller. On the Massager, the ridges are firmer and closer together, providing a deeper massage.

What is the THERABAND Roller Massager+?

The Green THERABAND Roller Massager+ is an innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Its unique patent-pending ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization while providing a massage-like experience. Meanwhile, the roller massager handles were designed to facilitate trigger point release. The use of the Roller Massager+ can help increase blood flow and circulation in targeted areas while also increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion. Available in standard and portable versions with retractable handles.

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