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What is included with the ViewBladder 10?

The ViewBladder 10 includes Ultrasound Probe, Tablet with ViewBladder Imaging Software, and How-To Videos.

What does the ViewBladder 10 measure?

The ViewBladder 10 measures bladder volume.

How long does it take to complete a scan using the ViewBladder 10?

The ViewBladder 10 completes a scan in three minutes.

How quickly does the ViewBladder 10 display results?

The ViewBladder 10 provides a real-time image with immediate results.

Can the ViewBladder 10 probe be cleaned?

Handle the top of the ViewBladder 10 probe and the cable attachment at the other end with care. Keep the probe membrane away from sharp objects to avoid damage. To clean the probe between uses, wipe it with a non-abrasive, soft cloth using any standard hospital-grade disinfectant. Do not use heat or radiation to sterilize the probe.

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