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How long will an application of Kinesio Pre-Cuts last?

Kinesio Pre-Cuts has an average usage of 3-5 days per application.

Is Kinesio Pre-Cuts latex-free?

Kinesio Pre-Cuts are latex-free.

Is the adhesive on the Kinesio Pre-Cuts hypoallergenic?

The adhesive on the Kinesio Pre-Cuts is hypoallergenic.

Can lotion or oil be worn while wearing Kinesio Pre-Cuts?

It is recommended to keep the skin dry and clean while wearing Kinesio Pre-Cuts. Do not apply lotion or oil.

What material is used to make Kinesio Pre-Cuts?

Kinesio Pre-Cuts are made of 100% high-grade cotton. The heat-activated adhesive is hypoallergenic.

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