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What is the recommended maintenance for the Hurrycane?

Before each use of the Hurrycane check the elastic cord, if the cord is cut, frayed, or damaged, do not use the cane. Periodically check the screws on the feet to be sure they are tight.

What material is used to make the feet of the Hurrycane?

The Hurrycane has rubber feet. Please note that the Hurrycane is not intended for use on ice or other slippery surfaces as it has the potential to slip.

Is there a weight limit for the Hurrycane?

The Hurrycane is a walking aid and is not intended to absorb the full weight of the user. The Hurrycane should not be used by those persons heavier than 350 lbs.

What material is used to make the grip on the Drive Hurrycane?

The Drive Hurrycane handle is made with hard rubber.

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