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How much does the Triton Traction Unit weigh?

The Triton Traction Unit weighs 30 lbs.

What are the traction modes on the Triton Traction Unit?

The Triton Traction Unit traction modes are static, intermittent, cyclic, and their combinations.

Is the LCD on the Triton Traction Unit a touch screen?

The Triton Traction Unit's LCD is a high contract color touch screen.

What type of table is best suited for the Triton Traction Unit?

The Triton Traction Unit was designed to be utilized with Chattanooga Group traction tables.

What are the cleaning instructions for the Triton Traction Unit?

Before cleaning the Triton Traction Unit, disconnect the unit from the power source. Clean the system with a clean, lint-free cloth moistened with water and mild antibacterial soap. If a more sterile cleaning is preferred, use a soft cloth moistened with an antimicrobial cleaner. To clean the touch screen, use a soft damp cloth, moistened with warm water and soap. Do not use alcohol or chlorine bleach-based solvents as this may damage the display.

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