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What components are included with the Photo Phone?

The components included with the Photo Phone are the operating guide, phone base plate, handset coil cord, photo template, telephone line cords, handset, base unit, phone cords, and generic button icons.

What features are on the Photo Phone?

The features on the Photo Phone on tone/pulse dialing selection, phone line connection, ringer volume control, photo memory buttons, big button keypad, flash button, redial/pause button, amplify button, volume control, hold indicator light, amplify light indicator, ringer pitch control, programming button and hold button.

Can the Photo Phone be mounted on the wall?

The Photo Phone can be mounted on the wall as well as being desk mounted. When wall-mounted, pull the handset hook out and reverse its position so that the hook points up and will hold the handset when you hang up.

Can the Photo Phone program multiple photo-dial memory buttons?

The Photo Phone can be programmed with up to 9 photo-dial memory buttons with the most frequently dialed numbers.

What are the physical dimensions of the Photo Phone?

The Photo Phone measures 91/2” x 7” x 31/4”.

How much does the Photo Phone weigh?

The Photo Phone weighs 2.52 lbs.

What are the cleaning instructions for the Photo Phone?

To clean the Photo Phone, unplug the telephone from the outlets before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.

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