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Is there assembly required for the Institutional Tunnel?

After carefully unfastening the Velcro straps, the tunnel will open up automatically. When the tunnel springs open, hold the tunnel away from you. To close the tunnel, compress it down until it is completely flat and while keeping a firm grip, secure the velcro straps.

Is the Institutional Tunnel waterproof?

The Institutional Tunnel is made from water repellent polyester, but it should not be left outdoors. Prolonged exposure to water can cause mildewing. Make sure it is completely dry before storing.

What are cleaning instructions for the Institutional Tunnel?

To clean the Institutional Tunnel, simply wipe with a soft sponge, mild soap, and cool water, and thoroughly air dry. Do not use hot water and do not dry in the dryer.

Is the Institutional Tunnel fireproof?

The Institutional Tunnel is made with flame retardant fabric, but it is NOT fireproof. It will burn if left in contact with any flame source. Do not use near an open flame or fireplace.

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