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Why does the top of the ColPaC Chilling Unit sometimes feel warm?

While in operation, the top of the Chattanooga ColPac Chilling Unit may feel warm because of a specially designed heating system installed under the top rim. This is to eliminate condensation of moisture around the top of the unit.

What indications are there when it is time to replace the ColPaC in the Chattanooga ColPaC Chilling Unit?

Always replace the ColPacs in the Chattanooga Chilling Unit when the plastic covering becomes damaged beyond repair or when ColPaC becomes firm or hard and not moldable around the area being treated. Minor repairs may be made with plastic or vinyl tape.

Where should the ColPacs for the Chilling Unit be stored between uses?

When the ColPaCs are not being used, it is best to keep them in the chilling chamber. This will keep the packs clean, chilled, and ready for subsequent use. It will always help to prevent pack damage.

Does the ColPaC Chilling Unit require plumbing?

The ColPaC Chilling Unit does not require plumbing. The valve will need drained for easy cleaning and defrosting. It requires a standard electrical outlet.

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