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Can the 24" Electrode Lead Wire Set be cleaned and used by more than one patient, or is it single patient use only?

For cleaning and disinfection, and sterilization of the 24" Electrode Lead Wire Set: The recommended cleaning method for cables and lead wires is a cloth wipe using ordinary alcohol-free hand soap or USP green soap. After cleaning, the cables and lead wires should be wiped with water using a clean, damp cloth followed by a clean, dry cloth. When disinfection is required, a cloth wipe using disinfectants such as isopropyl alcohol for use on polyurethane or TPR wires only, chlorine bleach in water (no stronger than a 1:10 ratio mixture), or 2% glutaraldehyde solution (such as Cidex) is recommended. After disinfection, wipe the cable and lead wires with water using a clean damp cloth and then a clean, dry cloth. Prometheus Group cables and lead wires are reusable and are provided non-sterile. When sterilization is required, they may be sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.

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