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What are the care instructions for the Ultralign from DeRoyal?

To clean the Ultralign from DeRoyal, begin with removing the inserts from the front and back panels. Hand-wash in cool water with mild liquid soap. Do not use strong detergents or bleaches to preserve the elastic. Thoroughly rinse and blot excess water from the support with a clean towel. Carefully stretch the support into its standard shape and lay flat to dry. Do not use a dryer, and do not iron.

Is the Ultralign from DeRoyal a single patient use device?

The Ultralign from DeRoyal is for single patient use only.

How is sizing determined for the Ultralign LSO/TLSO from DeRoyal determined?

To determine appropriate sizing for the Ultralign LSO/TLSO, take three circumferential measurements: 1. 1" below the tip of the breast bone. 2. Around the waist. 3. Around the greater trochanter or fullest contour of the buttocks. 4. For a TLSO using a Sternal Pad, a sternal notch to symphysis pubis measurement is necessary.

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