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Does the Baseline Digital Inclinometer need to be calibrated after the battery is replaced?

The Baseline Digital Inclinometer needs to be calibrated after the battery is replaced. The unit can be recalibrated by holding the on/off button for 6 seconds.

How is the Baseline Digital Inclinometer calibrated?

There are four steps to calibrate the Baseline Digital Inclinometer: 1. Place the unit on a flat horizontal surface, with the unit facing you with the lettering right-side up. Press ON/OFF button, the “ - 1 - ” appears. 2. Press the ALTERNATE ZERO button. The “ - 1 - ”begins to blink. 3. Wait approximately six seconds until the “ - 2 - ” appears. 4. Rotate the unit 180 degrees so it faces away from you, (the lettering should still be right-side-up). Align with the same edge or line. Press ALTERNATE ZERO button and the “ - 2 - ” starts to blink. Wait six seconds until the actual angle is visible. The calibration is finished.

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