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Questions & Answers:

Where are TheraPearl Pals products manufactured?

TheraPearl Pals products are doctor-designed in the US and manufactured in China.

Are TheraPearl Pals products latex-free?

All of the TheraPearl Pals packs are latex-free, as well as free from BPA or BPS.

Are TheraPearl Pals packs reusable?

TheraPearl Pals packs are reusable. While they are pressured tested before leaving the factory, store the pack safely in the freezer, being cautious not to store anything heavy on the pack. Overheating the pack beyond the suggested time may damage or destroy the TheraPearl pack.

If the TheraPearl Pals pack is stored in the freezer, can it still be heated in the microwave?

The TheraPearl Pals pack can be heated even after it has been in the freezer. It is recommended the pack be thawed before attempting to heat it. Do not overheat the pack. Overheating may also damage or destroy your pack. It is recommended that the temperature of the pack is tested before removing it from the microwave. If it seems unevenly heated, give the pack a gentle shake to allow the non-toxic Pearls to mix.

Can the TheraPearl Pals pack be placed directly on the skin?

TheraPearl Pals packs can be placed directly on the skin, but be sure to test the temperature of the pack before applying.

Can a TheraPearl Pals pack be used in conjunction with a topical analgesic?

A topical analgesic may reduce the ability to judge temperature on your skin, so it is recommended that the medication and Therapearl Pals pack are not used together.

Will the TheraPearl pack conform to the body?

Easily pliable when frozen, the Pearl Technology is cold enough to offer targeted ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility. Not stiff, jagged, or uncomfortable, chilled TheraPearl Pals packs stay smooth and soft on the skin as they conform to deliver soothing relief. When heated, the Pearl Technology is the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and encourage blood flow and healing. Providing consistent heat and therapy directly to the desired relief area without a mess, the reusable packs are combination therapy in one convenient product.

What should be done if a pet ingested TheraPearl pearls?

The non-toxic Pearls should not be ingested. Though unlikely, the non-toxic Pearls may swell in the respiratory or digestive systems of pets. If a pet has ingested any Pearls from a Therapearl Pals Pack, contact a veterinarian.

If a person accidentally ingested the TheraPearl pearls, what should be done?

The pearls are non-toxic but should not be ingested. First aid is generally not required, and ingestion of pearls from a Therapearl Hot and Cold Therapy Pack is not thought to be a cause for concern. Still, it is recommended that the person contacts a physician who will be more familiar with personal medical history.

What should be done if the TheraPearl mixture comes in contain with the eye?

If Therapearl fluids from the Hold and Cold Therapy pack come into contact with the eye, flush the eye with plenty of water and remove any remaining particles. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

Are TheraPearl Pals packs safe for children?

TheraPearl Pals packs should be applied under adult supervision. The non-toxic Pearls should not be ingested. TheraPearl packs should not be used on infants or used as a teething ring.

What will happen if a TheraPearl Pals pack is heated for too long?

Overheating or prolonged application may cause injury, including burns. Heating beyond the suggested time may damage or destroy the TheraPearl Pals pack. If the pack is heated beyond the recommended time, the pearls can get very hot and quickly burn an individual. It is usual for a TheraPearl pack to expand a little when heated for the recommended time. If the pack is heated beyond the recommended time and inflates like a balloon, immediately turn off the microwave, wait for the pack to cool down, and then carefully dispose of the pack. If the pack shows any signs of deforming, dispose of the pack – a pack that has been overheated should never be reused. TheraPearl packs will explode like a popped balloon if heated for an excessive amount of time.

Can the TheraPearl Pals pack burn an individual?

Always test the Therapearl Pals pack’s temperature before application, especially when using on children. The temperature should be warm to the touch but not hot and never painful. Heating recommendations provided by TheraPearl are guidelines and are based on testing in standard household microwaves. Power output will vary in each microwave. Uneven heating may occur, so be careful. The temperature may vary in different locations in/on the TheraPearl pack. Give the pack a gentle shake when it comes out of the microwave to ensure heat is evenly distributed. Do not fall asleep using the pack.

Are TheraPearl Pals packs tested for phthalates?

All TheraPearl Pals products are phthalate-free and regularly laboratory tested to exceed standards set by section 108 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Can a broken TheraPearl Pals pack be repaired?

Therapearls Pals pack must be discarded if it breaks.

How are TheraPearl Pals pack disposed of?

It is recommended that the non-toxic pearls in the Therapearl Pals are disposed of in the household trash, not down the sink. The empty bag can be put in the trash or recycled and other products, like children’s toys with the “3″ recycling symbol.

Can a TheraPearl Pals Pack be heated in the oven?

Do not heat TheraPearl Pals pack in the oven.

Can the TheraPearl Pals Pack be heated in hot water?

Fill a large pot with enough water to fully submerge the Therapearl Pals pack without touching the bottom of the pot. Bring water to a boil and remove the pot from the heating surface. Use a blunt, non-metallic tool to submerge and remove the pack from the water. Avoid submerging the strap while heating the pack. Submerge pack for the time listed below. If the pack has not reached the desired temperature, submerge again (in the same water) for an additional minute. Towel dry pack before applying. 1-2 Minutes 0g-200g (Pals, Eyemask)2-3 Minutes 200g-400g (Sports Pack, Face Mask, Oval Pack, Sports Pack with Strap, Ankle/Wrist)3-4 Minutes 400g+(Back Wrap, Knee Wrap, Neck Wrap, Shoulder Wrap). For safety and to avoid damage to the TheraPearl pack, always test the pack temperature before application and allow it to cool if needed. Always inspect the pack for signs of damage or leaking before use and discard if damage is found. Do not immerse the pack while water is being heated. Do not leave the pac unattended while heating. Do not allow the pack to contact the pot or the heat source for a prolonged time. Excessive contact may rupture the pack.

How frequently can the TheraPearl Pals pack be used?

It is recommended to give the skin a break between applications, so it is suggested that a wait of 20 minutes passes before applying the TheraPearls Pals pack again.

Can TheraPearl Pals packs be used on open wounds?

TheraPearl Pals packs were not designed to be used to treat open wounds.

Does the TheraPearl Pals pack need to be wrapped before placing in the microwave?

Some users prefer to wrap the TheraPearls Pals packs in a moist paper towel or cloth, but it is not required.

Is it okay if condensation is seen inside the TheraPearl Pals pack?

TheraPearl Pals packs contain purified water, and it is normal for some of the water to condense on the inside of the pack.

When are TheraPearl Pals packs used for HEAT therapy?

When to use TheraPearl Pals packs for heat therapy: Injuries, once swelling and bleeding subside, usually after 24-48 hours. Arthritis and other ailments that cause joint stiffness. Chronic aches and muscle pains. Sore muscles to stimulate blood flow pre-workout. Heat opens blood vessels, decreases muscle spasms, and increases range of motion to reduce joint and muscle pain. Do not apply heat when there is swelling. This may lead to increased swelling and prolonged recovery.

When are TheraPearl Pals packs used for COLD therapy?

Use TheraPearl Pals Packs for cold therapy for injuries from the last 24 hours and areas that are swollen, inflamed, or bruised. Cold therapy may prevent relief from tight, stiff muscles. It will also slow circulation and reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Does TheraPearl test for lead or other hazardous substances?

All Therapearl Hot and Cold Therapy products must regularly pass independent laboratory testing based on standards from section 101 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. This includes elements such as lead and mercury, but also PBB’s and PBDE’s.

Are TheraPearl products tested on animals?

TheraPearl does not perform any lab testing on animals.

What is the cleaning procedure for TheraPearl Pals packs?

Clean TheraPearl Pals packs gently with mild soap, alcohol, or detergent and let stand for one minute.

How long does the TheraPearl Pals pack stay hot or cold?

TheraPearl Pals packs were designed to stay hot or cold and deliver therapeutically effective temperatures for approximately 20 minutes. A break of 20 minutes is suggested between applications.

When is the appropriate time to discard a TheraPearl Pals pack?

TheraPearl Pals packs should be discarded whenever the pack is punctured, pierced, or leaking.

Can the TheraPearl Pals pack be used while sleeping?

TheraPearl Pals packs were designed to be therapeutically effective and safe, but it is not recommended to fall asleep on a pack.

Can the TheraPearl Pals pack be placed under a person while sitting or lying down?

TheraPearl Pals packs are tested with a heavy weight before it leaves the factory. It is not recommended that the user lay or sit on the pack.

Can pregnant women use the TheraPearl Pals Pack?

It is recommended that the doctor is consulted to confirm TheraPearl Hot and Cold packs are appropriate for hot/cold therapy if the user is pregnant

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