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Can Biofreeze Cream freeze?

Biofreeze Cream does not contain alcohol, and it can freeze. Allow to thaw, and it will be usable.

If a rash/irritation is developed after a Biofreeze Cream application, what should be done?

If a rash develops after a Biofreeze Cream application, take a cool to lukewarm bath. Relax for at least 20 minutes. If inflammation persists, contact a physician.

If Biofreeze Cream gets in the eyes, how should it be treated?

If Biofreeze Cream gets into the eyes, rinse the eye(s) with cool (not cold) water or take a shower with the shower hitting the forehead and running down through the eyes. Do this for 15 minutes. If the problem persists, see a physician and be sure to take the Biofreeze Cream with you to reference the ingredients.

Is there an unscented version of Biofreeze Cream?

Biofreeze Cream contains menthol as its active ingredient, not as a scent. Menthol has a characteristic smell, which typically vanishes within minutes of application.

Is Biofreeze Cream registered with the FDA?

The facility that manufactures Biofreeze Cream is registered with the FDA and operated under strict controls to produce a safe and high-quality product. Please refer to the National Drug Code number located on the Biofreeze label, which identified the products to the FDA.

Can Biofreeze Cream be applied to cool sunburn pain or discomfort from a tanning bed or sauna?

Biofreeze Cream is not recommended to be applied to skin irritations caused by sunburns or tanning beds, or saunas.

Can Biofreeze Cream be applied after the expiration date?

There is no testing that would prove that Biofreeze Cream is safe to use after expiration; therefore, it is suggested NOT using it after the expiration date.

Can an area be covered after the application of Biofreeze Cream?

Do not wrap or bandage the area of the Biofreeze Cream application.

Is a prescription required for Biofreeze Cream?

No prescription is required to purchase Biofreeze Cream. Biofreeze Cream is an over-the-counter topical pain reliever. Biofreeze Professional is only available through licensed professionals.

Does Biofreeze Cream contain nut derivatives?

Biofreeze Cream does not contain nut derivatives.

Does Biofreeze Cream contain any grain-based products?

Biofreeze Cream does not contain grain-based products.

Can Biofreeze Cream be used on poison Ivy?

Biofreeze Cream is not intended to be used on poison ivy.

Can Biofreeze Cream be applied to an open wound or stitches?

Biofreeze Cream cannot be applied to open wounds or stitches.

Does Biofreeze Cream have Capsaicin in the formula?

Biofreeze Cream does not have Capsaicin as one of its ingredients.

Is animal testing done on Biofreeze Cream?

There are no animal products in the ingredients. There is no animal testing on Biofreeze Cream. Vegan and cruelty safe, abiding by all local regulations.

What should be done if a pet ingested Biofreeze Cream?

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet ingested Biofreeze Cream. Be prepared to refer to the container for ingredients.

Will Biofreeze Cream relieve a headache?

Biofreeze Cream is not intended to treat headaches.

Is the menthol in Biofreeze Cream extracted chemically?

The menthol in Biofreeze Cream is not extracted chemically. The menthol is extracted in a natural process.

Does Biofreeze Cream contain aluminum?

Biofreeze Cream does not contain aluminum.

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