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How is the fill weight of Bon Vital' Organica monitored?

Bon Vital' Organica and all Bon Vital’ products are filled according to weight with specific tolerances. As Bon Vital’ has grown, the manufacturing has moved from a manual filling operation to an automated filling operation consisting of product density measurements and production protocols, which ensures the products, at minimum, meet the net weight quantity listed on the label

Is Bon Vital' Organica sulfate-free?

Bon Vital' Organica is sulfate-free. All Bon Vital' products are sulfate-free.

Is Bon Vital' Organica paraben-free?

Bon Vital' Organica is paraben-free. All Bon Vital' products are paraben-free.

Is Bon Vital' Organica vegan?

Bon Vital' Organica is paraben-free. All Bon Vital' products are paraben-free.

Is Bon Vital' Organica gluten-free?

Bon Vital' Organica is gluten-free. All Bon Vital' products are gluten-free.

Is Bon Vital' Organica hypoallergenic?

Bon Vital' Organica is non-irritating, clinically tested, and allergy-tested.

What are the general guidelines regarding the safety, sanitation, and dispensing of Bon Vital' Organica and other Bon Vital’ products?

Generally, if something doesn’t need to be in Bon Vital' Organica, don’t put it there. Do not store tools between dispensing. And, keep lids on everything. Remember to protect the containers from exposure to water and light at all times. Exposure to extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and adding anything to the carefully formulated ingredients can harm the product.

What steps are taken during the Bon Vital' Organica manufacturing process that ensures no contaminants are exposed to the product?

The manufacturing equipment is carefully and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each use. Additionally, Bon Vital' Organica is never left exposed to the environment for extended periods. Performance Health follows the FDA’s guidelines for Cosmetic Manufacturing and cGMP’s (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) to produce the highest quality products.

What is the difference between "water-soluble" and "water-dispersible" in Bon Vital' Organica and Bon Vital' products?

The difference between "water-soluble" and "water-dispersible" in Bon Vital' Organica and all Bon Vital' products is described as follows: Water-soluble - The Product will completely dissolve in water. Certain oils often fall under this category. Water-dispersible - The product mixes well with water and can be easier to get off hands and linens. This is due to the addition of a "water-dispersing agent" into the lubricant. When looking for an oil-based product that will wash easier from linens and absorb more quickly into the skin, a therapist should choose one with a water-dispersible agent.

Does Bon Vital' Organica contain Triclosan as an ingredient?

The ingredient Triclosan is NOT found in Bon Vital' Organica or any other Bon Vital' product.

Will Bon Vital' Organica wash out of sheets and linens?

It is recommended to clean Bon Vital' Organica out of sheets, linens, and uniforms by routine laundering with a professional-grade detergent.

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