Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, specific categories and quantities purchased will no longer be accepted for returns to protect our customers and employees:   

  • Hand Sanitizers  

  • Disposable Apparel  

  • Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants   

  • Thermometers  

  • Stethoscopes  

  • Pulse Oximeters  

  • CPR, Oxygen and Accessories  

  • Blood Pressure Monitors  

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs  

  • Pillows, Sheets, and Pillowcases  

  • Table Paper  

  • Gloves   


This list is not all-inclusive and subject to change. 

 Products matching any of the conditions below will also not be accepted in return:   

  • Products purchased more than 90 days (about 3 months) from the date of invoice. 

  • Products considered hazardous material.  

  • Dining or hygienic products (for health reasons, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges). 

  •  Special or custom products made to customer specifications or sold as non-returnable.  

  • Products returned in altered or damaged packaging, in packaging other than original packaging, or FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulated products.  

  • Products in unsalable units of measure.  

  • Discontinued product.  

  • Returns prohibited by federal, state, local law, and regulations. 

  • Products with less than three (3) months shelf life remaining based on expiration dates.  

  • Third-party vendor products that require a vendor return authorization are subject to the vendor’s return policy and applicable fees.